ANL Plastics has in recent years made various intensive efforts to move towards a more sustainable production process. We subjected our existing processes to critical testing and optimised procedures in our 3 manufacturing plants. Through various initiatives, we have dedicated ourselves to continuing these efforts in the years to come. We aim to grow towards a sustainable policy both ecologically and socially.


To achieve this, we're working on:



As a packaging manufacturer, we see it as our responsibility to work in compliance with a sustainable policy.  We're doing everything we can to manufacture our products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We closely monitor the latest developments and trends and will apply these wherever possible. That is our promise to ensure a sustainable future.

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  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008 certification for our 3 sites
  • Products: developing more ecological concepts that keep the environmental trends in mind
  • Communication: internal & external focus on clear communication.



Safety & Health

  • All our factory workers are provided with custom-fitted ear protection.
  • We have invested in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) specifically geared to the cutting devices (knives) which the machine operators have to use.
  • All our reach trucks are equipped with a “blue spot” and a camera system.
  • Every thermoforming machine has an information screen that reports anything to do with ergonomics, safety or wellbeing.
  • Every 5 years, our internal transportation methods are replaced. When doing this, we look closely at further improving safety and ergonomics.
  • Communication screens are placed throughout the factory to inform all our employees of the latest highlights.
  • We have adapted the stacking stations in order to avoid static posture of our employees.

Waste & Wastewater

    • Primarily used for cooling purposes in the production process
    • ANL Plastics has invested in a closed loop water circuit
      • Reduced the water usage by 58%.



Materials & Waste

As product packaging fulfils many needs, it cannot simply be left out of the supply chain. Being a large packaging manufacturer, ANL Plastics has undertaken some important initiatives to help make greener products:

  • Develop products using as little raw material as possible, while maintaining a high quality and performance standard.
  • Develop packaging that weighs less. The average weight of our packaging has dropped by 20% over the last ten years.
  • Develop concepts that help in the battle against waste.
  • Create stackable protective packaging that reduces the cube, saving warehouse space and offering an outstanding logistical advantage.
  • Develop materials that are lighter and offer better alternatives to other materials.

Energy & Climate

We're using the power of the sun and have installed solar panels to lower our energy consumption.


    • 3020 solar panels
    • 2,2% of our daily energy consumption comes from our solar panels
    • 434,9 ton CO2 reduction per year



Social Progress



  • ANL Plastics actively supports the local community.
  • ANL Plastics subcontracts a local employment agency which creates quality employment for people with a work disability.
  • ANL supports all sports activities organised by the employees, including:
    • Start to Run
    • Cycling tour
    • Mountain Bike tour
    • Fishing competition




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